गुरुवार, 3 जनवरी 2019

Fat to Fit

I had came across the slogan TURN FAT TO FIT many times but actually started taking it seriously  when my 11 year old son started gaining weight and I had to look out for an interesting, motivational, inspiring  way to compel him to increase his daily activity level.  Technology came to my rescue and I came to know about the new rage amongst fitness freaks these days…..The Fitness Band.  It is a Smart Wearable device worn on the wrist and it looks very chic! Its modish looks are the first feature I would give a thumbs up to because it was fashionable enough to act as a catalyst to get my son going. Many brands with multifunctional systems and models are available on Flipkart at affordable prices.
A fitness band is actually a wearable computer that counts the steps its wearer takes, distance he travels and also the number of calories burned. We can get a record of all these vital info on the screens of our Smartphone devices after installing an app along with starting the fitness band and that all you will need to enter a whole new world of fitness in a very interesting way. After putting on this smart band it was easy for me and my son to keep a track of steps taken everyday and thus easily convert them to the amount of calories consumed.  I thank Flipkart for making such a smart innovation of technology easily approachable and available to us.

Another great boon of technology to help me and my family stay fit and enjoy tasty healthy homemade dishes that I came across on Flipfart was the Air fryer. It is a very beneficial modern day cooking tool  for Smart Home.I must say that not only helps me make any mouth watering  fried snack of my kids’ choice like French fries, succulent tikka, fryms, papad, burgers or aloo tikkis but actually helps me to cut down on the amount of oil these items would otherwise consume.
Not just the kids but me and my hubby too are  very fond of eating snacks like spicy pakodas, samosas and spring rolls but the fact that these are so high in all the bad fatty acids.These  enemies of health  always troubled us. Thus we either had to hold back our desire to relish them or if we ever had them with friends and relatives on holidays and during festivals,  the  reality of the damaging effect of the oil within left us feeling guilty after their consumptions. This Blessing of technology, the air fryer works by circulating hot air on food by convection method at very high speeds thereby impairing a crispy outer layer to the food item while completely cooking it inside and gives similar results in terms of taste and juiciness  as traditional deep frying methods  but without all those oodles of fat content in the dish. Hence I am able to make the same delicious food with much lesser fat content in it.
These two innovations of technology have surely made me and my family live a smarter, better and healthier life!

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