गुरुवार, 3 अप्रैल 2014

Can they talk ?

My Son Arhaan just turned 7.  I have seen a keen inclination in him towards nature since his nursery class (age=3) . It is than when he learnt three types of living things- Humans, Animals & Plants. Since that time he has a fancy and fondness towards Plants.
Do they eat food?
Do they breathe?
Can they talk?
If I say something will they understand me?
He always stood in our lawn and asked me such kind of numerous questions.
Last year, during his summer break we took him to our ancestral village where the primary source of living is Farming.
I have never seen him Happier!! He used to sit 4-6 hours amongst crops, have meals in the backyard kitchen garden and water the Plants.
He even brought back home a small Papaya seedling….which is now flourishing in our Lawn….growing taller & stronger day by day.

That papaya plant is my son’s life achievement….it is his most Cherished Aspiration Fulfilled. 

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