गुरुवार, 23 जनवरी 2014

Karim Hotel in Delhi

The first thing which comes to mind eating out non veg in Delhi is Karim Hotel.When i visited Karim this time,I ordered chicken stew for a change.The best preparation in kareem is chicken barra and tandori or roomali roti.While checking menu I thought to try seekh kabab also.
I ordered Chicken Stew (half plate) at  Rs 188 ( Rs 160 + 17.45% taxes)
I thought of ordering seekh kabab or shami kabab ultimately decided to go for seekh kabab.Just to give it a try ordered only 1 piece at Rs 53 ( Rs 45 + 17.45% taxes).I would say it was not upto the mark.It tasted not so good,haldi (turmeric) was used too much and it made the taste of the seekh below average.This happened on that day or is normal,god knows but I will not try it next time.
I also ordered  tandoori roti at Rs 11 (  Rs 9 + 17.45% taxes) which was above average.The person sitting near me complained to the waiter that his tandoori roti has some small broken pieces of bone in it.This is not expected of a hotel which is considered to be one of the finest in India in food taste.
I ordered kheer (firni or phirni) also at  Rs 37 ( Rs 31 + 17.45% taxes).kheer was good.served in a kullhad made of clay.
The total food bill was 298/- (with 2 rotis ( 1 tandoori and 1 roomali)
But this time I have come to the conclusion that Chicken barra and other chicken tandoori dishes are prepared best at Karim.Chicken stew was ok not something to describe about.
The preparation at karim is going down a bit but is far superior than any other hotel in delhi or elsewhere.