Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A healthy child makes a happy home.

Healthy kid is one which makes whole family happy and joyous.When a kid falls ill everyone in the family is worried.When my younger son fell ill last week.The doctor told us that his immunity system has become weak and gave a list of medicines for him.It is so difficult to make kids swallow those pills.I was so much worried.
At home my mother told me not to panic and told me to take ayurvedic herbs and gave me a long list of products to buy.It was again difficult for me to make little kid take these herbs.By the time we were discussing these things,my elder brother brought me a miracle product Dabur Chyawanprash.I was amazed to see all the  ayurvedic herbs in mothers list present in this product and much more.

Chyawanprash is one such product,which has contents essential for kids development and well being.Antioxidant  in chyawanprash helps to fight germs,improves immunity,protecting kids from common cold ,cough and other diseases.This gave me info about the important components of highest selling ,dabur chyawanprash with a market share of 60% .This prominent brand has ingredients like Amla,Giloy,Ashwagandha,Satavari,Bala,Vidarikand etc.These products have anti stress,anti oxidant,rejuvenating and other health improving properties.It has more than 40 other natural ingredients.
One pack of chyawanprash gave me the urge to know more about kids healthy being and their eating habits. Adulteration and pollution have caused huge damage to the new world.In our country, new generation is losing immunity.Unhealthy lifestyle and food is causing immense harm to a childs body.Ayurveda has some time-tested and authentic products to make kids strong and fight immunity.Chyawanprash is one of them.
Kids grownup on wholesome diet and chyawanprash will be more strong and healthy.The results can be seen within a short span of time.Chyawanprash has no chemical or artificial additives and has no sideeffects.
Proper food and eating habits are important in a childs growth.Kids eating habits are the foundationstone for his well being and fitness in later life.What we eat as a kid,is what makes us strong and healthy.
One important thing that I learned is kids love the taste of chyawanprash and take it without any fuss.Making kids swallow medicine is a big task.Not the case with dabur chyawanprash.It comes in 2 flavours mixed fruit and mango.Kids love these flavours.

Friday, June 6, 2014



Payya (Goat Trotters)         4
Onion  chopped                  1 (medium)
Onion paste       of              3  medium onions.
Ginger paste                       1/2 tsp
Garlic paste                        1 tsp
Black pepper                     6-8
Cinnamon stick                  1
Cardamom n clove            1 each
Badi elaichi                        2
Salt                                   to taste
Red chilli powder             1 tsp
Turmeric powder             1/2 tsp
Corriander powder           2-3 tsp
Oil                                   1 cup


1. wash the trottles throughly with tap water 3-4 times and strain.
2. Take 4 cups water in a pressure cooker. Add the trottles, salt, chopped onion ans half of the black pepper.
3. pressure cook it for upto 10-12 whistles.
4. When cools, open and check if the torttles are tender.
5. If not give 4-6 more whistles.
6. In a heavy bottom pan take oil and heat.
7. Add whole ingredients like black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom & clove to it.
8. When they begin to crackle, add onion paste,  ginger garlic paste and salt.
9. Cook on medium flame stiring ocaasionaly for 10-15 mins.
10. Add turmeric pwdr, chilli pwdr and corriander pwdr and cook well on medium flame for 30 mints, keep stirring.keep  Adding little water from the cooker .
11. When it is completely cooked and attained gravy consistency, add all the contents of cooker and mix well.
12. cook for few more minutes and its done.
garnish with corriander leaves and serve hot with rice or chapati.

Serves 4

Quick Chicken Gravy


Chicken (Cut and washed)     1/2 kg
Curd                                      250 -300 Grams
Black pepper powder            1/2 tsp
Red chilli powder                   1/2 tsp
Garam masala pwdr               1/2 tsp
Oil                                         2 Tbsp
Lemon juice of                       1 lemon
Ginger paste                          1/2 tsp
Garlic paste                           1 tsp
Red food color                      1/4th tsp


1. Combine all the ingredients in a pressure cooker.
2. Give 1 whistle.
3. Open and cook for 20-25 mins.
4. Garnish with corriander leaves and serve.

Serves 2

Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to make Firrni / Kheer

Phirni / Kheer


Milk  -  1 litre
Sugar - 1 and half cup
Rice - 3 Tbsp
Nuts - Chopped (Almond, Cashew )
cardamom pwdr- 1/4th tsp


1. Boil the milk in a heavy bottom pan.
2. when it reaches boiling point, simmer the flame to medium and keep stirring for upto 20 mins. in order to thicken the milk a bit.
3. Meanwhile take the rice grains and coarsly grind in mixer.
4. Add to milk and cook for 20-25 mins, keep stirring to avoid sticking.
5. When the rice is completly cooked in milk, add sugar.
6. Stir and cook for 5 more mins.
7. Turn off flame and allow to stand for half an hour.
8. Stir in the cardamom powder.
9. Garnish with chopped nuts.
10. Cool and serve.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pineapple Souffle

                                                  PINEAPPLE SOUFFLE 
 Milk 500ml
Custard Powder 3tsp (heaped)
Sugar 3 Tbsp
Gelatin 1 Tbsp (optional)
Pineapple Essence 2-4 drops
Pineapple (Fresh or Canned) 2 whole slices chopped
Egg White 3 (stiff beaten)
Cherry to garnish
 Add sugar and soaked gelation to milk and boil.
Add custard Powder and boil for 2-4 mins till thick.
Add pineapple essence and stiffened egg whites slowly.
Stir well in a slow and circular motion.
In a serving dish (prefrebaly a transparent square glass dish)
spread chopped pineapples and pour the mix over it.
Set in refrigerator (top) for few minutes.
Take out and garnish.
Then set in lower column for an hour or two.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Can they talk ?

My Son Arhaan just turned 7.  I have seen a keen inclination in him towards nature since his nursery class (age=3) . It is than when he learnt three types of living things- Humans, Animals & Plants. Since that time he has a fancy and fondness towards Plants.
Do they eat food?
Do they breathe?
Can they talk?
If I say something will they understand me?
He always stood in our lawn and asked me such kind of numerous questions.
Last year, during his summer break we took him to our ancestral village where the primary source of living is Farming.
I have never seen him Happier!! He used to sit 4-6 hours amongst crops, have meals in the backyard kitchen garden and water the Plants.
He even brought back home a small Papaya seedling….which is now flourishing in our Lawn….growing taller & stronger day by day.

That papaya plant is my son’s life achievement….it is his most Cherished Aspiration Fulfilled. 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Non Veg Food in Jaipur

During my recent visit to Jaipur famously known as 'Pink City', I was searching for good non veg food and searched google.The name which was mentioned many times by food lovers was of Islami Kallu Hotel at Ramganj chaupar (Near to Hawa Mahal).
I decided to visit the place to have a taste of this old & famous hotel.But I feel the food was average not the kind I had expected from such well known place.I only had the chance to eat mutton qorma along with 1 tandoori roti.Mutton Qorma had thick gravy and was an average stuff.
This place is famous for nihari, which is available from 7 in the morning till 10.30 only.Next time I plan to try this dish.
M M Khan Hotel is very nearby Kallu and here I found the food much better than Kallu.I ordered mutton stew and tandoori roti.Mutton stew half plate was Rs 90 and one tandoori roti priced at Rs 5.This is a nice place to eat non veg although very crowded in the evenings.
The quality of Mutton stew was excellent with well cooked meat pieces.The ingredients used made the dish tasty and this is a must try at this hotel..
I also visited Take Away (The KABAB SHOP) shop number 146,MI Road next to Ghani Motors.Here chicken dishes were excellent.The Chicken roll was very tasty and green chutney was also very well made.
For any Non Veg lover this place is a must visit at Jaipur.I also ordered Chicken Tikka and Chicken Hariyali, both were outstanding.The taste was awesome and served with green chutney and onion.It made lethal combination.Barbecue outside the hotel smells so good, that if you are passing near by you will stop and want to eat.This is the best place to eat Non Veg at Jaipur.Also available were biryani and dhaba chicken.Dhaba chicken i tried at the other nearby barnch of the same hotel.It was very tasty and delicious.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Karim Hotel in Delhi

The first thing which comes to mind eating out non veg in Delhi is Karim Hotel.When i visited Karim this time,I ordered chicken stew for a change.The best preparation in kareem is chicken barra and tandori or roomali roti.While checking menu I thought to try seekh kabab also.
I ordered Chicken Stew (half plate) at  Rs 188 ( Rs 160 + 17.45% taxes)
I thought of ordering seekh kabab or shami kabab ultimately decided to go for seekh kabab.Just to give it a try ordered only 1 piece at Rs 53 ( Rs 45 + 17.45% taxes).I would say it was not upto the mark.It tasted not so good,haldi (turmeric) was used too much and it made the taste of the seekh below average.This happened on that day or is normal,god knows but I will not try it next time.
I also ordered  tandoori roti at Rs 11 (  Rs 9 + 17.45% taxes) which was above average.The person sitting near me complained to the waiter that his tandoori roti has some small broken pieces of bone in it.This is not expected of a hotel which is considered to be one of the finest in India in food taste.
I ordered kheer (firni or phirni) also at  Rs 37 ( Rs 31 + 17.45% taxes).kheer was good.served in a kullhad made of clay.
The total food bill was 298/- (with 2 rotis ( 1 tandoori and 1 roomali)
But this time I have come to the conclusion that Chicken barra and other chicken tandoori dishes are prepared best at Karim.Chicken stew was ok not something to describe about.
The preparation at karim is going down a bit but is far superior than any other hotel in delhi or elsewhere.