Sunday, November 17, 2013

Massaging helps a kid grow faster

A kids overall development requires healthy eating and proper caring.We all are very familiar with the nutritional requirement of a child.But caring as we do traditionally in India,like massaging is very important for the mental and physical well being of a kid.
Massaging with time-tested oil such as dabur lal tail has  been found to help immensely in weight gain and increasing height of a kid.Traditional ayurvedic  knowledge shows us the importance of massaging with oil.It is said that massaging with oil will have a lifelong effect on the body .In todays polluted environment,with skin infections and allergies, oil massage, during early life is the only long term solution.
Researches have shown that clinically proven  massage oil like dabur lal tail helps kids grow 2 times faster.This oil consists of sesame oil,ratanjyot,shankha pushpi,camphor and urad.These all have beneficial properties.Sesame oil helps in growth,ratanjyoti against skin infection,others help in blood circulation,nourishing of muscles and bones.

The chances of heart attack and other lifestyle diseases are decreased with the human touch given in the early stages of a persons life.When a child is well massaged and cared,he will surely grow up to be a healthy and positive human being.Traditional knowledge if used with scientific standards can help in improving the quality of life of our youngones.