शुक्रवार, 12 जुलाई 2013

Best Non Veg in Jabalpur

My husband regularly visits Jabalpur for official work.His favourite for non veg food is Riyaz Hotel in badi omti.Few days back,I had the opportunity to visit the place.
Riyaz is a very old hotel,with not so proper arrangement for family sitting.But the food is awesome and reasonably priced.
Bhuna Gosht is ultimate.The quality of mutton and spices used here makes bhuna gosht delicious .The gravy or shorba is cooked slowly that it becomes thick and nicely coated to the meat.Bhuna gosht involves slow cooking for longer time to give richness and taste to the dish. You can eat it with roomali or tandori roti.
Mutton and chicken biryani are the other favourites at this hotel.This hotel is famous for mutton biryani.
Use of herbs ,spices and again the mutton quality makes biryani a must eat here.
Also you can have paya for breakfast.Paya is available till afternoon.Riyaz also makes good chicken kadi kebab and chicken fry.
For the lovers of non veg food, When in Jabalpur a visit to Riyaz hotel should not be avoided.

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