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Payya (Goat Trotters)         4
Onion  chopped                  1 (medium)
Onion paste       of              3  medium onions.
Ginger paste                       1/2 tsp
Garlic paste                        1 tsp
Black pepper                     6-8
Cinnamon stick                  1
Cardamom n clove            1 each
Badi elaichi                        2
Salt                                   to taste
Red chilli powder             1 tsp
Turmeric powder             1/2 tsp
Corriander powder           2-3 tsp
Oil                                   1 cup


1. wash the trottles throughly with tap water 3-4 times and strain.
2. Take 4 cups water in a pressure cooker. Add the trottles, salt, chopped onion ans half of the black pepper.
3. pressure cook it for upto 10-12 whistles.
4. When cools, open and check if the torttles are tender.
5. If not give 4-6 more whistles.
6. In a heavy bottom pan take oil and heat.
7. Add whole ingredients like black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom & clove to it.
8. When they begin to crackle, add onion paste,  ginger garlic paste and salt.
9. Cook on medium flame stiring ocaasionaly for 10-15 mins.
10. Add turmeric pwdr, chilli pwdr and corriander pwdr and cook well on medium flame for 30 mints, keep stirring.keep  Adding little water from the cooker .
11. When it is completely cooked and attained gravy consistency, add all the contents of cooker and mix well.
12. cook for few more minutes and its done.
garnish with corriander leaves and serve hot with rice or chapati.

Serves 4

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Quick Chicken Gravy


Chicken (Cut and washed)     1/2 kg
Curd                                      250 -300 Grams
Black pepper powder            1/2 tsp
Red chilli powder                   1/2 tsp
Garam masala pwdr               1/2 tsp
Oil                                         2 Tbsp
Lemon juice of                       1 lemon
Ginger paste                          1/2 tsp
Garlic paste                           1 tsp
Red food color                      1/4th tsp


1. Combine all the ingredients in a pressure cooker.
2. Give 1 whistle.
3. Open and cook for 20-25 mins.
4. Garnish with corriander leaves and serve.

Serves 2

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