Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to make Firrni / Kheer

Phirni / Kheer


Milk  -  1 litre
Sugar - 1 and half cup
Rice - 3 Tbsp
Nuts - Chopped (Almond, Cashew )
cardamom pwdr- 1/4th tsp


1. Boil the milk in a heavy bottom pan.
2. when it reaches boiling point, simmer the flame to medium and keep stirring for upto 20 mins. in order to thicken the milk a bit.
3. Meanwhile take the rice grains and coarsly grind in mixer.
4. Add to milk and cook for 20-25 mins, keep stirring to avoid sticking.
5. When the rice is completly cooked in milk, add sugar.
6. Stir and cook for 5 more mins.
7. Turn off flame and allow to stand for half an hour.
8. Stir in the cardamom powder.
9. Garnish with chopped nuts.
10. Cool and serve.

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